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  • wholesale 7 PIN Serial SATA cable male to male
    1,length:10CM-200CM customize
    2,Name:SATA cable
    3,use in servers and storage subsystems
    4,High-end workstations

Serial SATA Cable:

Convert internal SATA port into externa SATA port.
Support SATA cable connectors on your motherboard.
These new Serial ATA/SATA cables embrace the new standard of Serial ATA connection, which boasts data transfer speeds of up to 150 Mbps. The Serial ATA/SATA cable connects the system board with any Serial ATA and Serial ATAI devices, including hard drives, CD ROMs, CDRWs, DVDs, tape devices, high capacity removable devices, and Zip drives. The buyer of these SATA cables also benefits from the lifetime warranty that is offered on all of the cables we sell. Serial ATA specifies a point-to-point connection that allows for easy cable routing within a system. This avoids master/slave, daisy- chaining and termination issues. Also, better airflow can be realized compared to systems with wider ribbon cables
Backward compatible with existing parallel ATA software and drive
Features of 7 PIN SATA cable:

Compliant with Serial ATA Specifications
Fast data transfer rate of up to 150 Mbytes/Sec
Meets current Serial ATA specifications and ensures maximum performance
Offers 18 inches in length for greater flexibility
Specially designed to improve system airflow and routabilit


Serial ATA connectors and cable assemblies
Best solution for drive discs
Types available:
Serial ATA 7-7P signal cable 180D to 180D
Serial ATA 7-7P signal cable 180D to 90D
Serial ATA 4-15P power cable 180D to 180D
Serial ATA 4-15P power cable 180D to 90D
Serial ATA signal connectors
Serial ATA power connectors
SATA 2.0 cable
SATA 3.0 cable
E-SATA cable